Save your server! Buy An Extended Server Warranty.

Don’t waste precious IT resources on new hardware just because the manufacturer warranty has expired. Extend the service life of your servers, switches, and critical IT hardware with Tiger Tech. We can provide 24/7 same-day parts and on-site engineers to insure your business stays WORRY FREE. You save both time and money.

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Why Get An Extended Server Warranty

Continued use of IT hardware after its manufacturer’s warranty has expired is arguably the greatest danger to business continuity. Tiger Tech provides top tier warranty service that exceeds manufacturer coverage for WORRY FREE IT hardware.

Ideal service solution for remote sites and satellite offices

Peace of mind for mission critical applications

Save money by preserving the value of your IT hardware investments

Achieve green sustainability goals and keep reliable hardware out of landfills

What Makes Tiger Tech Unique?


Dell-PS6100 Server WarrantyWith over 20 years of technical experience, Tiger is able to provide completely customized server warranty support specifically tailored to your environment and IT objectives. Our goal is to provide dependable IT hardware support anywhere, anytime. Get the right solution the first time.

Tiger's level of service is unprecedented in the IT industry. Our calls are not routed to a call center in a foreign country. We actually answer our phone. All Service Plans include immediate response, a single point of contact and national coverage. We have the expertise to service both legacy and new equipment from all top manufacturers.

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What Our Clients Say

IT Manager | UCI Medical Center

"In a fast paced medical environment, we rely heavily on up time and customer satisfaction. TIGER has provided us with the professional and fast service allowing us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers."

IT Manager | Kingston Technology

"Dependable service when it counts!"

IT Director | Westfield Shopping Centers

"Providing outstanding value and service to our staff for 16 years at 76 of our locations."

A Few of Our Clients


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